Not a Win 32 Application Error

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Hi my windows XP computer says that the Win 32 application has failed to start and I face serious issue with my computer like it hangs .Becomes very slow at times when I open multiple applications and its totally weird to work with my computer with this trouble popping out every time .

I have also tried to clean up the virus using PC Clean Up software so  hope that this problem may not be because of virus and I have also made sure that this problem did not arise after installing any recent software by removing them. From my side I have done all possible troubleshooting to fix this problem .But still no go .

Can anyone help me please

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Not a Win 32 Application Error


This problem that you have reported is a kind of frequent problem that many people face with their XP Operating system .And the main Possibilities for the problem may be because of the following mentioned below.

System File Corrupt, bad or missing,

May be some Hardware Incompatibility

And finally because of Virus or worms.

The problem that you have mentioned most of the time happens when you try to open an application .and also found that you have clearly explained the steps that you followed to fix the problem by yourself which includes removing the particular program, removing worms .So since you have did two of the correct steps which need to be done to fix this problem. Let’s move on to another way to fix the computer problem that you have.

If you are trying to open the application with a shortcut please make sure that the Application exist in your computer.

If the software that you find the error when you try to open it is downloaded from Internet .My be some times the corrupt file may be uploaded by the  website so try downloading the software form another website and install it., If still not works then you must check the compatibility of the  application with your computer .

Also try to acquire the Installation disk to install the application since while downloading there are some chances for some files to be missed. Try installing with the Disk.

Still if doesn’t work .Check for the Hardware compatibility and if you see that it is compatible. Kindly re-Verify the installation method on whether it is correct .And then try to install the Updated drivers for your Operating system since if the System Supporting file is outdated you may face this problem.

Try all this steps and kindly get back to me lets checkout what else we can do about this problem

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Not a Win 32 Application Error



Since you have tried many troubleshooting steps on your computer, I’m not asking you to do more.

>>Just check if your computer has enough memory. Lack of memory may lead to such issues.

>>Make sure you are using a Genuine version of Windows on your computer.

>>Make sure your “Automatic Updates” are downloading the latest updates.

>>I suggest you to do a system restore on your computer and see if the issues get fixed.

>>If it does not get fixed, check the hardware compatibility of your computer and also check if the hardware drivers are updated.

This should fix your issue. Alternatively, you can contact Microsoft support to fix the issue.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

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