Photos from Nikon are duplicated in folder

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Hi! Problem is that I noticed that photos from my camera are duplicated in folders in windows 7, I don;t know if this is the issue of OS. I wanted to delete them but then I noticed that those duplicates bigger than originals 2-3 times. I don't know if that is because the quality is better or something else so I decided to ask

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Photos from Nikon are duplicated in folder


Hello, Kelly!

 It is documented in the user manual that some Nikon cameras will store only 1000 pictures in a folder. You should watch for the 1000 picture knowing that the 1001 picture will be put in a new folder (101). Rename the picture(s) in the 101 folder using constructive numbers from the ones in the 100 folder. Take the card out of the camera and put it into a card reader and look at the folders and files using Windows Explorer while noticing the file name of the last picture in the 100 folder.

 Now put the card back into the camera and make sure to check that any pictures you take from now on are marked with unique numbers. Remember to pay attention for the next multiple of 1000 as you will need to go thru this procedure again when that happens.


Mathew Tand

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