Please help me installing windows 7 on my computer!

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Hi, I try to install MS 64-bit Windows 7 and the installation process always stop at 30% when files are expanding.  The error code is ‘0x80070570’.

The computer specs are as follows.

  • Intel Core Duo 2.66GHz CPU;
  • Seagate Barracuda 500GB HD;
  • Asus P5Q-Pro motherboard;
  • HEC 750W power supply;
  • Sony DVD/CD writer;
  • NVIDIA 9800GTX display card;
  • 4 GB RAM;

I also try to use that DVD to install Win 7 in the other computer and Win 7 is installed completely.  The DVD is swapped out too but seems that does not work either.  I also try to install MSWindows 7 on a Western Digital drive with 320GB memory, it does not work.  The RAM is working fine and it passes the test using Memtest86+ v4.10. Minimum system requirements for 64bit MSWindows 7 are satisfied.

Please help to figure out this.  Thanks in advance.

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Please help me installing windows 7 on my computer!


Hi, the reason why this error message appears is that one of RAM chips does not compatible with Windows 7 which is 64-bit.  And all components in the system have to meet all requirements of Windows 7.

The solution is as follows.

  1. Firstly, 2 GB RAM chip is removed from the system.
  2. Then reinstall Windows 7.

I hope this solution could help.

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Please help me installing windows 7 on my computer!


It's very easy to install Window 7.  In your case it looks like a CD problem or the path you are using to install new OS is not valid.

To solve this problem, you have to first delete your previous version of Window you are using.  You can do this by making a format on the drive you are using. You have to see in which folder the previous Window was installed;  then format it completely and then try to install new Window. I think it will work fine.

Otherwise there could be a problem with the DVD you are using to install your Windows.

If the CD hangs on 30 %, it means there is no problem in your PC it is working fine but some software problem could be causing it.  It could be due to the older version of  Windows or may be some virus is interrupting.  So  the best solution will be to format your drive completely and if it  does not work, then try it with a different DVD.

It is easy to install Windows 7.  You need to follow the steps that are asked, while installing it and you will be done within an hour or half. So I think now your are able to solve this problem.

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