PhotoImpression 6 will not launch: Abnormal Program Termination

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I am a little good with fixing software but am in need of more advanced help solve this little problem I have got.

I have a more user advanced OS on this site. I keep getting this problem, but it has expired, but I have a copy of the error from an original post in the year 2010.

I don’t know whether it is actually important, but I taught I should add it.

PhotoImpression 6 will not launch. I am blocked from opening an application (program) that has been used successfully many times before. The program is ArcSofts "PhotoImpression 6." The error message is:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error!

Program: Program FilesArcSoftPhotoImpression 6PhotoImpression.exe abnormal program termination

System: Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002 (32-bit), Service Pack 3.

I attempt to open the program with a double-click on its ICON (or single-click on "PhotoImpression 6" after navigating Start / All Programs / PhotoImpression 6). In either case the result is the same: i.e.,immediately after the introductory PhotoImpression 6 "part-screen" appears, the error message appears over it (i.e., on top of it), and the program does not open.

When I click on the "OK" button on the error message, both the error message and the PhotoImpression part-screen disappear.

Please help me.

My problem is the same as this one above. I have reinstalled the software several times, but the result is always this error message. I also used CCleaner, but all remains the same. Any help with this problem of mine will be appreciated a lot.

A snapshot of the error is posted below.

Thank you.

Photo Impression 6

Runtime Error!

Program: ..grem FllesArcSoftPhotoImpresson 6Photolmpression.exe

abnormal program termination



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PhotoImpression 6 will not launch: Abnormal Program Termination


If you have made an update earlier to your system then try to restore to the previous state.

Make sure that your program is not infected by some virus if so you need to run full virus scan to your system to solve such an issue.

I will ask you to run a full virus scan before installing the program.

Smith Thompson

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