Phone Is Unable To Detect My SD Card

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Recently my phone was not detecting my SD card. I tried rebooting my phone and inserting the SD card again and again. None of it worked. I thought the SD card was corrupt so I bought a new one. And it was working perfectly. Can anyone give a solution how can I repair my SD card?

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Phone Is Unable To Detect My SD Card


The solution is simple. You can use your computer to repair your SD card by following the steps below:

  1. Mount the SD card on a card reader and connect it to the computer.
  2. Now open the disk drive of SD card in My Computer.
  3. Right click on the disk and open Property.
  4. Then click on the Tools tab.
  5. Now in the Error-checking section, click Check and then Repair drive.
  6. When the repairing is done eject the SD card and inserts it in the phone.

If the above solution does not work then you have to format the disk. Again for this, you have to use the computer.

  1. Connect the SD card to the computer.
  2. Create a backup of the SD card on the computer if you are able to open it using the computer.
  1. Next right click on the SD card drive and then choose Format.
  2. Now you need to be careful. On the Format window, for File system choose FAT32 if the SD card is 32 GB or smaller and exFAT if it is larger than 32GB.
  3. Click start.
  4. After the process is over , eject it safely and insert it back in the phone.

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