Persistent correctable memory error limit

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I have this issue on my Dell PowerEdge Server model R720 “ Persistent correctable memory error”. I turned off the server and check all the memory was properly seated. Then I again turn on then the error message was gone. This happens four times already so I am seeking advise on how we can resolve this. 

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Persistent correctable memory error limit


Hello James

There is no perfect answer to this question, however I am listing what our technicians do, for this problem

(a) Open the command prompt 

(b) Locate dcicfg32.exe

(c) Run the command dcicgf32 command=clearmemfailures , basically we have cleared all the memory failures.

Secondly unseat all the memory modules and thoroughly vacuum the slots with care and gently clean the pins of the RAM. Seat them back with caution. Hope this should ensure recurrence of the error.

Clear the memory failures often before it reaches its limit.

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Persistent correctable memory error limit


The full error reads “Persistent correctable memory errors detected on a memory device at location(s)” and it displays error code “MEM0000” on your screen. You may receive this error on 12G, 13G, and 14G Dell PowerEdge servers. This error is an early indication of possible future uncorrectable error for the memory module.

It means one of the memory modules installed on the server is nearing its end and needs replacement. What you did is right when you reseated the memory modules after receiving the error because it is the only workaround possible. If reseating the memory modules didn’t work, try swapping it with another identical module.

Insert one of the modules on another system and see if the error follows the module. If the error follows then that module needs a replacement. The following are the 12G or 12th generation Dell PowerEdge servers: T620, R220, R320, R420, R620, R720, R720XD, R820, R920, M420, M520, M620, M820, and C6220.

The following are the 13G or 13th generation Dell PowerEdge servers: T130, R230, R330, R430, R530, R630, T630, M630, R730, R730xd, r830, FC830, and R930. The following are the 14G or 14th generation Dell PowerEdge servers: r240, r340, r440, T440, T640, r540, R640, R740, R740XD, R940, M640, FC640, and C6420.

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