People are facing China mobile problem

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China mobile problem. When mobile received then it is not working immediately.

Now i am facing big problem. Most of the people are using china mobile phone. Then why is it so faulty.

Is it technical problem, if yes so why?

Thank you.

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People are facing China mobile problem



First of all, the Chinese mobile phones are not that well designed. The Chinese companies do not have large research labs or design phases to check the quality of their new product. They are usually designed by combining some key features copied from major mobile companies’ designs and are produced in cheap process. So, they are very low quality in both design and material and are intended to fail very soon.

The question is, why so much people use them. It is because they are very cheap compared to their design. As Chinese companies copies the designs, they do not have to invest money for it. And the manufacturing process is also a cause for their cheap price.

So, using Chinese mobiles people in developing countries can get much more features at a cheap price. Also there is another philosophy, if you buy costly phones, it will last more, but if you buy Chinese phones, they will be so cheap that, if you buy one after another is broken, by the time you’ve spent the amount of money for the costly phones, the total time would be passed the lifetime of the costly phones.

There is an interesting article about these phones

You can find more information

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