How to Send Pictures from PC to Mobile Phone?

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Hi everyone,

Can you please help me on sending a picture message  from my computer to my cell phone, since I lost my phone's USB cable and my PC doesn't have a Bluetooth?

I need the picture badly to be transferred on my phone.

Hope you help me out.



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How to Send Pictures from PC to Mobile Phone?


Hello Greg,

Hope I can help you, nowadays most of the mobile phones have a camera but often times our pictures are on the computer. Here are some ways to transfer your picture, to your phone from your computer. The process is called MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Here's how:

By using an “online tool for transferring picture” from a computer to your phone. The tool is called (PIX DROP).  All you have to do is visit their website and fill up the details. Specify the mobile carrier and full mobile number of the recipient. (PIX DROP) You can send it to any major service provider in the UNITED STATES.

Another way is to send a picture mail from a computer to a cell phone:

  1. On the PC you are using, open your email account.
  2. Attach a picture on a new email, make sure the size is not more than 680×480 (if it is more then you can resize it).

The email will be sent depending on the recipient's mobile carrier:

Send it to:

  1. if the recipient is AT&T subscriber.
  2. if the recipient is Verizon subscriber.
  3. if the recipient is Virgin Mobile subscriber.
  4. if the recipient is  Sprint Nextel subscriber.
  5. if the recipient is T-Mobile subscriber.
  6. if you have no idea what was the recipients mobile carrier. ( a universal service)

If you own a “smartphone” that can access the Internet. Then you can save it in your email and retrieve it by simply downloading the picture from your email and it will be saved directly on your phone.

Hope that helps you Greg.

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How to Send Pictures from PC to Mobile Phone?



1. Load the phone software into your computer to help the computer know your phone rather than the disk and if you don't have a disk then you can download it from the manufacturer or providers website. For example the Samsung phone,look to the Samsung website,that is under the support of the software to your particular phone.

2. Plug your phone on your computer using a USB cable that comes with it. A display Open option will appear to your computer that means that their is a device that have been attached.

3. Start the Mac Equivalent or "Window Media".A library of music will appear on the screen and your device that displays 'Sync".You could either sync the whole thing or place an individual album or song in the slot. Then click the sync button and it will all the songs into the phone.

4. Open the kind of location of the music you want to load into your phone then right click the files and click send to. Locate the music folder of the phone and it will copy the file to its location.

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How to Send Pictures from PC to Mobile Phone?



Since you lost your USB cable and your phone don't have a Bluetooth, maybe I guess your phone has a memory card?
If so, you can buy an memory card ready at a cheapest price. Just check your memory card if its micro SD or whatever.
This is what i did with my phone also since i don't have USB cable wire.



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