Pendrive Not Formatting detecting but not working

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Pen Drive converted in to RAW format and not getting formatted showing errors while formatting through disk management also and other ways also kindly help me in this issue.

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Pendrive Not Formatting detecting but not working



Your pen drive might have been malfunctioned. Well, there are several ways of formatting the pen drive. Follow the below steps to format the pen drive in command prompt.

1. Open command prompt with administrative rights.

2. To do so right click on cmd and select run as administrator.

3. In the command prompt type “cd..” and press enter to come in to the c directory.

4. Type cd.. until the directory shows c:

5. Then type format and your pen drive letter followed by semicolon.

6. Example format E: and wait for the process to continue.

7. Be patience as it may take some time.

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Pendrive Not Formatting detecting but not working


If the file system on your USB flash drive got changed into RAW format, there must be something wrong with your media. Normally, when there is a problem with a USB flash drive, formatting it will not be successful. In any storage media, running a format will only be successful if there is no error on the drive. Meaning, the drive is healthy or in good condition.

When a USB flash drive has errors, sometimes it is in no condition to run format. This only happens if the problem is severe. If it contains only minor errors, you should be able to use format. But in your case, you are getting some errors when you format it through the Disk Management and it is unable to format the drive.

It means your USB flash drive has a serious problem. To be able to format it successfully, you should fix the errors on the drive first. Try installing PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Once installed, connect your faulty USB flash drive to your computer then run PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Select Recovery tab then click Repair Drives. Select any of the options then click Start.

If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the test with a different option.

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