PDF conversion into a WORD file

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My boss wants me to type the texts from a set of PDF files into a Word file.

Is it possible to convert it without typing? 

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PDF conversion into a WORD file


You can do your boss assignment within a couple of seconds and it will not require your effort of typing. 

Simply go to the convertors, there are many free convertors available online, that convert your PDF file to word file.

All you need to just browse your file and then give your email address. On pressing the convert button, they will send the PDF version of your document to your email id.

Just try it now by clicking on the following link, https://www.pdftoword.com

Hope your problem will be resolved.

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PDF conversion into a WORD file


Dear Peaks,

To convert scanned PDF files, you need to download the Advanced PDF Converter – you can download the free trial until you are totally satisfied then you can buy it i think its 25.00 $   anyway it  helped me in converting the scanned PDF files into Word files and by the way you can use it the other way round, i mean you can convert word files into Scanned PDF files.

Kindly find below the detailed steps:- 

1. First of all download the Advanced PDF converter http://www.advancedpdfconverter.com/, and install it on your computer.


2. Launch Advanced PDF Converter, click the ADD button in order to choose the PDF files that you want to convert it into word files , you can select as many as you want at the same time by the way.

3. Then Choose the output formats to Word format, and the location of files where you want to save it.

4. Then Click the “convert” button, then it will auto convert the PDF files into Word files, after a few minutes, it will show you a dialog about the conversion is successful complete. Then you can open the file to edit as you like.

You can also try the online converter http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf-to-word-converter/ if you are in a hurry. it really works. Give it a try.

Wish I can help.



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PDF conversion into a WORD file



Downloading and Installing the “Save as PDF Add-in”
1. Type the address below in your browser’s address bar (or follow the “Save as PDF Add-in” link in Resources). Click “Download” and save the file to your desktop.
2. Close all MS Office 2007 applications before beginning installation of the add-in.
Double-click the “SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe” file to launch the Set-Up wizard.
3. Click “Agree” in the End User Agreement.
Click “Install” and wait for the installation to complete.
Click “Finish” to exit the Set-Up wizard.
4. Delete the “SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe” file from your desktop by clicking/highlighting it and pressing “Delete” or “Backspace.”
Click “Yes” in the dialog box asking whether you’d like to move the item to the Trash.
Viewing PDFs with “Save as PDF Add-in”
5. Open your document. This automatically launches MS Word. You can also open your document in MS Word by selecting “Open” under the “Office” icon and then selecting your document (click “Open” in the dialog box).
6. Select “Save as” under the “Office” icon and select “PDF” in the drop-down menu.
Select your destination, type the name of your document in “File name” section and select “PDF” in the drop-down menu in the “Save as type” section.
7. Click “Options” and make sure the box next to “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)” is checked.
Click “OK.”
Click “Publish.

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