PC starts making loud beeps

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Every time I open my laptop it starts beeping loud, good enough to wake my neighbors. What could be the problem? It started doing that for like about 3 days now.

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PC starts making loud beeps



Hi Deborah G. Perry,

    Loud Beeps means your laptop is in trouble. Obviously, it may be caused by a hardware failure or in some cases due to overheat. However, in your case I assume it is because of a hardware failure since it beeps when turned on. Obviously, it can hardly overheat since you just turned it on. Anyway, when it beeps, your laptop, or your bios specifically is sending you a message. Beeping sounds has a code so listen to it and count how many times it beep, or something. Since it is a hardware failure, I suggest you check on your hardware’s connections. Check if it is caused by faulty wiring. If you don’t know how to check your laptop’s hardware, bring it to the nearest service center.

Hope it works.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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PC starts making loud beeps


When your machine makes beeping sounds, it is a sign that there is something wrong with it. When it beeps, the problem is usually on the hardware part. I have never experienced a problem where a computer starts beeping and the problem is with an installed software.

When a computer beeps, the problem can be from the RAM, motherboard, power supply, graphics adapter, sound card, network card, and other built-in devices. When the problem is with the installed RAM module, you normally hear a series of beeps then it will stop. The pattern of the beeps varies depending on the brand of your computer and the BIOS installed.

Normally, when a computer starts beeping, what I normally do is remove all the devices installed on the board like the RAM modules, graphics adapter, sound card, and network card so I can check which one is causing the problem. Sometimes I also remove the processor to also check if the motherboard is working.

Once all devices are removed, I start the CPU and it should start making long beeps. If this happens and the processor is also removed, it means the board can still detect missing devices and it’s a good sign. I then install each device one at a time starting from the processor. Since it is only the processor on the board, it should also make series of beeps.

After that, I install the RAM modules and test the CPU again. After this, it should stop making the beeping sounds. When this happens, the RAM modules are working. But if it doesn’t stop beeping, I check each RAM module by connecting one RAM module at a time and testing it and then test the other RAM module. This way you can verify which RAM module has the problem.

Since your problem is on a laptop rather than a regular desktop PC, you should bring it to a qualified service technician because the parts inside the laptop are very compact compared to a regular PC.

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