Error in the sound driver of DirectX

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What would you do if this happens after you play some mp3's and other application that needs sound?


Error in the sound driver of DirectX


Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a

problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound

device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another

program, or it may not be functioning properly.

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Error in the sound driver of DirectX



           As what I have seen in your screenshot above. It shown that you did not installed an audio driver in your PC or device. If possible, I will advise you to install the cd that you bought together with the device that you have. If not, if you are internet connected, kindly research driver genius software. It will detect missing program and download it then install.

Respectfully Yours,

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Error in the sound driver of DirectX

Some virus may cause this type of problem. So stay clean your PC from viruses. Windows Media Player can have a problem during the function. To ensure compatibility with the latest DirectX version keep update your hardware (device driver). Such type of problem may also occur your installed driver is unsigned. The virus may cause an internal system error while updating DirectX it. Before updating must Clean and fix window registry because registry problem causes ‘file not found’ error.
Remember always turn on system Restore before starting any update and keep checking your DirectX. You can detect easily, if DirectX have any time of problems. Try to the following steps to find out May Direct has a problem or not. Click the run, and then type dxdiag.exe. A message will appear in the notes box if the diagnostic tool detects a problem. Such type of problems may be caused by player version or may be due to DirectX installer. Try the following instructions to fix many DirectX error and DirectX update problems.
• Right Click My Computer
• Select Manage
• Choose Device Manager
• Then Universal Serial Bus Controllers
Then if you will see a message like this ‘please insert the compact disk label Realtek AC97 Audio Driver disk' into your CD-ROM drive and then click OK. While you are installing, it is possible you to lose sound because DirectX installs a new set of extensions for the sound drivers. After restarting the computer sound come back or not. It is recommended that you download the latest version of DirectX. Run dxsetup and refers to the above information on Dxsetup on how to indicate if certified or not. You will need to run dxdiag.exe if you have DirectX 6.0 or higher. It is recommended that you first ensure that your sound card manufacturer does not have a proprietary set of DirectX drivers that may be required to be used for the sound card to properly work
Don't install a driver that you find on any websites rather than your manufacture/ vendor’s web site. UN trusted and non verified drivers may harm your PC with viruses. Also different types of problems can be caused by incompatible drivers installed in your system, and sometimes may crash your windows.
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Error in the sound driver of DirectX


To resolve this problem you have to delete the audio drivers and then reinstall them.

For this purpose you have to go to Control Panel and select the System.

And follow the given instructions. 

• Click on Hardware and select the Device Manager.
• Then go to Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
• Click on a sound device named in the Device Manager, and then
• Press the Delete key on the keyboard. 
• A window will appear where you click next.
Remove all the listed sound devices except Audio Codec and Legacy Audio Drivers.
Then Restart your computer.
Use Driver and Application Recovery CDs that came with your Windows XP system to reinstall the deleted drivers.
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Error in the sound driver of DirectX


Hi! Good day. Your sound was not in proper installation, to fix this kind of issue, there are steps to be followed.

  1. Click start menu then control panel
  2. Click Add and Remove Program
  3. Find click on Realtek icon program and click remove or uninstall
  4. Restart your computer after restart
  5. Insert CD motherboard driver in your CD-ROOM
  6. In your Desktop right click on My Computer icon then Manage
  7. Click Sound, video and game controller
  8. Right click on “Realtek AC97 Audio for VIA (9R) Audio Controller” then Update driver
  9. When the welcome to the hardware update just click on “No, not this time”
  10. Clicknext > next > wait until finish updating then click on finish.

Thank you my friend, hope it help.



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Error in the sound driver of DirectX


I hope I will solve your problem.

In my opinion, for instantly to install the correct patch of driver, you can to try download "Driver Genius Professional Edition".

I was have a problem like you which is my DVD external can't detect in my laptop which is the driver isn't installed correctly.

So I tried to installed this application and it works for me until now.


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