PC automatically starts on power plug

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Hello friends,

When i connect CPU with power then pc is automatically started and also monitor is started .

Other wise all things are ok. Have no problem in CPU or monitor.

Why it is occurring without pressing power button of CPU ?

Give me solution.

What is the problem and the solution .Have any another problem?


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PC automatically starts on power plug


Dear Anishya,

I think you should check the two things regarding your CPU

1. Check the power supply button backside in some power supplies there is automatic on option , if you see the button is on automatic make it manual,

2. Also check your CPU power button, as sometimes the button needs to be repaired or may be your power button is continuously opened due to which this problem is occurring.

3. Check in the Motherboard that all power plugs are connected properly, if you had seen the CPU from inside you may see very small virus that has very tiny 4 pins there are some main power pins and also automatic pins, you should check them as well they are connected properly,

4. If doing them still there is problem than its better to invite an authorized salesman to see your problem and check it from an authorized technician.

Hope your PC will be well soon.

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PC automatically starts on power plug


It is a configuration error and you need to configure it through your CPU. In many computer this option is available but in most this is not available so you can check that is it possible in your case or not.

To check that it is possible or not and to configure it follow these steps.
Open your laptop case. Make it screw free and open all body screws with a screw drive.
Once opened try to access your Motherboard if you are not a technician then don't try this it can harm your system.
Once the case is opened then follow the wires coming from the power button.
Once you find these wires then you can change them as your configuration.
Now have a look on them they will be plugged such that there must be one jumper set in between them in your case if you can see this jumper then you need to unplug it and then set to another slot near to it.
You can try yourself  for slots that full fill your needs and you will go through your solution.

Once you have configured these wires you computer will start normally.

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PC automatically starts on power plug


Hello Anishya,

It seems that your CPU power button is faulty, and therefore you will need to repair it or replace it. The button seems to be disconnected from the CPU and therefore does not control the flow of power such that when you connect to the power source the power is channeled directly to the CPU hence making the computer to restart.

Just open the front part of the computer and see what problem the power button may be having and fix it. Try applying paraffin or methylated spirit and see if that will fix the problem, because the button could be frictionless due to drying.

Hope this helps.

Mahesh Babu

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