Difference between Original & chipset motherboard

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What is the difference between original & chipset motherboard? Explain the components of a motherboard along with its relevance to understand its complete structure and functioning. List all those parts which are compulsory for a motherboard and which are options separated.

Chipset MotherBoard
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Difference between Original & chipset motherboard


The difference between original and chipset boards is based on the components which are required for a motherboard.

Original boards are those which are manufactured only by Intel. All the components used to complete this board are made by the original. That’s why it is called Intel Original.

Whereas Chipset motherboards are those made by other manufacturers like ASUS. They make their own motherboards but the chipset used on these boards is from Intel. That is why they are called Intel Chipset. You can think as they are partially made by Intel.

The chipset is normally used for the communication between two components of a motherboard like motherboard and CPU.

Motherboards have following components:

  • Microprocessor
  • Memory
  • Input and Output System
  • Expansion slots
  • Circuits two provide the connection

For more details about motherboard parts see the image.

original and chipset boards

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