PayPal Software Error: – Looking for Help

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I have tried to send some money to a person with a PayPal Account and the recipient lives in India.

But I find the following error message.

Recipient is currently unable to receive money

I need your help to solve this. Please.



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PayPal Software Error: – Looking for Help


You might have a problem with your own PayPal account. Try to check if the API username, your password and the signature on the payment tab is typed correctly. You have to make sure that your PayPal account is still active or still working. If not but you believe that you have an active account, contact the PayPal team support and let them know that you are having this problem. For the meantime, do not send money unless you are sure that your account is already fixed.


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PayPal Software Error: – Looking for Help


Hello John,

There may be several reasons as to why the PayPal user you are trying to send the money to is not able to receive the money at the moment:

1) The user's account may be having some issues and therefore transactions with it cannot be allowed. You will need to inform them so that they can check their account and see if there is any problem that needs to be fixed.

2) Your account may be the one having issues. Check to see that you have enough money in your account for that transaction to be successful. I will strongly recommend that you contact PayPal customer service and inform them about the problem, for the problem may be a technical issue that can only be solved by the PayPal customer service.



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