How to fix yahoo messenger sign-in problem?

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Hi there,

I am experiencing a very frustrating issue concerning my Yahoo Messenger program. I have been using this application for many years and I have not encountered an irritating issue as this. The issue I am facing now is that I cannot sign-in to my Yahoo account using the Yahoo Messenger app. Whenever I tried to log into it, the trouble shooting dialogue appears for a few seconds and then disappears.

To handle this issue: First, I tried a totally un-installation and re-installation of Yahoo Messenger. Yet, still I cannot log in. Second, I installed the new version of it, but failed. Then I inspected my Yahoo account via logging into Yahoo through browser/website. I found that there was nothing wrong with my Yahoo account ID or password. Lastly, I configured it again in internet explorer but to no avail. I also configured it in connection preferences but everything has gone flat for me. I have been informed that my friends were able to log-in. I alone, am facing this weird issue.

I want to know how to fix Yahoo Messenger sign-in problem? I want a solution for this issue as fast as possible. I am waiting for someone to help me solve this issue.

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How to fix yahoo messenger sign-in problem?



Dear David,

Thanks for your question. I know Yahoo Messenger sometime gives is really a pain related to sign in. And I know it’s really a big problem. Some possible solutions are given below. Hope it will help you out.

1. Sometimes this kind of problems arises due to using an old version of Yahoo Messenger. I would suggest you to use the latest version of Yahoo Messenger. I hope you already did it. The latest version available on the net is Yahoo! Messenger 10. I would suggest you to have the full version of the latest Messenger not the beta.

If you already used the latest version and still having problem.

2. Sometimes this kind of problem arises if you put a proxy number in your Yahoo Messenger connection wizard. Set it to No proxy server.

For that-Go to “Messenger"(from menu), then click “Preferences" then “Connection preference” and set to “Connect directly to the internet” then “Apply” and then “ok”. In this way the Yahoo Messenger will be set to normal. If then Yahoo Messenger doesn’t let you to login then try to disable firewall and then try again.

If you don’t use the proxy number and still having problem.

3. Sometimes this kind of problem arises if your Messenger is not properly uninstalled from your computer. I would suggest you to reinstall it. For that go to “Control Panel” and select the Yahoo Messenger and click “Change/uninstall (For vista or windows 7 OS)” then it would be uninstalled. Please check that whether it is completely deleted from your “Program File” if not then delete the “Yahoo Messenger” file. Hope this will work and try to install again. A reboot is suggested.

I would suggest after you uninstall your previous Yahoo Messenger then install a new one, or download a new one from or from some other site. Don’t install the previous one.

If you're facing the same problem after reinstalling it.

4. I have seen that sometimes it occurs that our Yahoo id or password may be weak or too small. I would suggest you to have a strong or big password.

·         Some small issues to keep in mind –

·         See if you have 2 messengers installed in the PC

·         Type the password without caps lock

·         Don’t use “” in your Messenger id. Just put your id name.

Use a portable Yahoo Messenger form your pen drive see if it works.

If you are still facing problem to sign in. Then Try this

5. Try to sign in from another PC and Messenger and if you see that you’re able to sign in from that PC then there must be some problems in your own PC because it so happens that PC gets virus affected very often. So setup may be effective after setup installs a new Yahoo Messenger.

After Setup if you’re still facing problems. Then-Try this

6. Messenger isn’t the right solution for you. I would suggest you to use WEB Based Yahoo Messenger –

Hope my suggestion would be helpful for you.

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How to fix yahoo messenger sign-in problem?


Thanks for your question.

Do this, according my direction. You must solve this problem.

1. Start > run > %temp% > delete

2. Start > run > temp > delete

3. Start > run > prefetch > delete

OK, if this is not. Try to use update version and check your internet connection. And you try to use the updated version of windows or others.

It will be the best solution.


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How to fix yahoo messenger sign-in problem?


Hi David570,

 Try to delete your temp and prefetch file. This is helpful.

Check the version of Yahoo Messenger. Older versions can be There.

Check the date and time on your PC. It is essential.

Check your login again on Make sure that you are entering Correct login.

After all it should work.



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How to fix yahoo messenger sign-in problem?


If you can’t sign in to your account from the Yahoo Messenger, it could be your antivirus or firewall blocking the program. First, download the latest Yahoo Messenger and install it on your computer. The latest version supports Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported. Once installed, start Yahoo Messenger and try logging in to your account.

If you still cannot log in, open your antivirus then go to “Settings.” Expand the real-time protection item and look for something like “Exclusions” then select it. Click “Add” then navigate to the Yahoo Messenger installation folder on drive C and select the main EXE file then click “OK.” This should fix the problem if it is the antivirus that’s blocking the program.

When you add a program to the antivirus’ exclusions list, your antivirus will no longer monitor any activity on the program.

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