Partition error during windows installation.

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When installing windows on a system the setup produces error: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is not of the GPT partition style?”

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Partition error during windows installation.


This error on installing windows on a hard drive partition occurs when your pc is booted in UEFI mode but your hard drive itself doesn’t not support or is not configured for UEFI mode.

To overcome this error you have got two options, both being equally viable.

The first option is: 1) Select the firmware mode during the pc boot menu

  • When the pc boots up, open the boot menu by pressing the specific key, for example press the Esc, F2, F9, F12 or any specific key for your system.
  • Select UEFI USB drive or bios-mode, the UEFI mode is for GPT file format while the Bios mode is for MBR file format.

2) This option lets you convert the partition itself for proper setup

  • When you start installing windows and you reach the setup window press shift+10 to open the command prompt.
  • Type the command: “diskpart “to open the diskpart tool.
  • Type the command:”listdisk” to list all the present partitions.

Select drive you want to convert and type the following commands: 

  1. select disk <disk number>
  2. clean
  3. convert gpt
  4. exit
  • Close the command prompt and continue installation.
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Partition error during windows installation.


You normally get this error during the installation of Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you get this due to a problem on your system specifically with your computer’s current architecture. If you want to use GPT or GUID Partition Table on your computer, you need to have a complete upgrade of your machine.

This is basically because GPT is only supported on 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 on UEFI-based systems and the reason why you are getting this is because you are using a 32-bit computer. Since GPT is only supported on 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can’t use GPT unless you upgrade your machine.

To upgrade your computer’s specifications, you need to change your motherboard, processor, and other devices that will support 64-bit. It’s quite expensive but that’s the only way you can upgrade to 64-bit and use GPT. But if you are not using a UEFI-based system or your system doesn’t support UEFI, you need to delete all partitions on your hard drive, create a new partition, and do a clean install.

Before proceeding, backup all your important data. Insert the Windows setup DVD on your optical drive then boot your computer on that DVD. Click Install. On the setup screen, select Custom (Advanced). Click Drive Options then select the partition or partitions you want to format. Click Format. This will then delete everything on that partition.

Once it is finished, create a new partition and select it to install Microsoft Windows. Continue and finish installing Microsoft Windows.

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