Parsing problem for XML Text Stream

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When parsing the provided XML text stream, QuickBooks found an error. While I was trying to make a standard Terms Add Request transaction through the Web Connector, the QuickBooks showed the error. The XML is- [COD true 0 0 0.0]. I’ve reviewed the XML, but couldn’t find anything wrong. There is no exact indication of the error. If anyone can help me to identify the error and a possible solution, his/her effort will be highly appreciated.

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Parsing problem for XML Text Stream


The data directory within the atom structure is not meant to be user-facing. Instead, you should be able to view the data that was sent to QuickBooks in the application itself. Whether you're executing the process in Test Mode or from the Manage Tab, you can click the QuickBooks step or look at Outbound Data to view the actual data sent. Alternatively, you can always temporarily change the process to write that data out to a local test directory by using a Disk connector .


List<URL> thumbsList=new ArrayList<URL>();  
        try {  
            SimpleDocument dom = SimpleDocumentBuilder.simpleParse(xmlRecords);  
            for (Node n : dom.getElements("//")) {  
                URL thumbURL=new URL(n.getTextContent());  

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