Palm E2 Tungsten issue question

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Hello I have a Palm E2 Tungsten PDA and overall I like it, but I'm having a random issue where it powers off unexpectedly.  It will be fine for awhile, then all of a sudden it does this.  I'd rather not take it in because for the expense to fix it, I may just buy a new one, but I am wondering if anyone has any troubleshooting tips.  Thanks.

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Palm E2 Tungsten issue question


Most of the problems that you are experience are either related to hardware or software. To determine which one is causing the problem, I would suggest a Hard Reset.  To do this:

  1. Make a complete backup of you unit to your SD card.  You can use a program called NVBackup to backup your unit.
  2. After you have backed it up, perform the hard reset – while pressing and holding the Power button down, tap and let go of the Reset button at the back while you continue to hold the Power button. When the Palm Logo appears, release the Power button.
  3. A warning page should appear on the screen.  Press the Up direction on the pad to complete this.  It will reset itself several times as it wipes and re-installs original programs.
  4. Test the unit before installing any software.  If the unit is performing correctly, your problem is probably being caused by faulty programs. I would suggest re-installing third party programs one at a time until you can find out which one is causing the problem. 
  5. If the unit doesn’t work correctly after a Hard Reset, then your problem may be Hardware related. I would then suggest you take it in or get a new unit.

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