Overclocking of Dual-Core processor and effects

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I recently acquired a dual core processor for my PC, it is not much but it is a huge boost for me. I am trying to play next gen games and upgrading my system right now is impossible because of budgetary constraints. I heard that new games need tremendous processing power. I heard of overclocking and would like to try it. what are the risks involved?

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Overclocking of Dual-Core processor and effects

Hi Joe,
Overclocking refers to the act of increasing the basic speed (speed grade set by the manufacturer)  of a processor. In Overclocking, a BIOS is manually configured by modifying the data to run the hardware. Increase in voltages during Overclocking can result in overheating of the RAM. High temperatures will shorten the life span of the CPU. The processor might not be able to boot at the higher speed while Overclocking and will cease to operate when the speed is back to normal. Data loss and system instability is other possible outcomes of this process. When the CPU runs at a much higher frequency than the normal, it might get stressed resulting in damage over a period of time.

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