Core 2 Duo and one core is not working

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One-Core Not Working out of two and I have core 2 duo hey I have a very serious difficulty vid my brand. I have center 2 duo brand 4400 @2.00 ghz. and I am going house windows landscape best, home windows and house windows 7. I have 3 difficult disk on my pc so i have different os and i have 2 gb ram kingston and I do have a nvidia visual greeting card and I have apple DG41WV panel. But the difficulty is my both center is not performing now its been six 30 days I am without both cores.

So I number it out if I eliminate "CORE MULTIPLEXING TECHNOLOGY" in BIOS method, my all 3 house windows is going well but with only I center and 2nd center is always 0 I mean its not performing and the 2nd solution is if I Permit "CORE MULTIPLEXING TECHNOLOGY" in Bios method my all 3 house windows is not going. I have anxiously waited for an time but still not going any OS {xp, landscape and house windows 7}..

So I always run my house windows and Disable "CORE MULTIPLEXING TECHNOLOGY" method so please tell me what should I do? I am very sad Because so many time I experiencing clinging difficulty. I want both center in going way please tell me if there is any solution. 1 element is really apparent is OS not going if I enable "Core Multiplexing Technology" and if I Run in Disable method my OS is going but only with 1 center.

Please help.


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Core 2 Duo and one core is not working


Look in msconfig in the boot tab click on advanced options and see how many processors there are. Then check the box and select 2 then ok then check mark all boot settings permanent.

Firstly choose a single OS and run with it. Is there anywhere in the BIOS where you can turn on or off cores? Also use CPU-Z and see if the second core is truly disabled also bring up your task manager (Ctrl + Shift + esc) and go to performance tab it will list all cores there.

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