Outlook Web Access HTTP 500 Error

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The users can have access to the OWA web address straightly or by internal server that we have. Login screen is available there but as soon as they login they found HTTP 500 error shown on the screen. We are using Exchange ’10 SP1 installed on Windows Server ’08 R2. Help me out of this problem please. Thank you in advance.

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Outlook Web Access HTTP 500 Error


Hallo Canyon,

To resolve that issue, you will need to ensure that the network address property has been correctly replicated to all domain controllers using the following procedure:

  1. Click Start, and then click Run, andthen type adsiedit.msc, and then click OK.
  2. Go to the Action menu, and then click Connect to.
  3. After that go to the Computer area, and then click Select.
  4. Type the name of the domain controller that you want to connect to and then click OK.
  5. After that you will need to expand Configuration, and thereafter expand CN=Configuration, DC= Domain_Name, DC= Root_Domain.
  6. You will need to enlarge Services, Microsoft Exchange, as well as Organization_Name.
  7. After that expand Administrative groups, Administrative_Group_Name, and then expand Servers.
  8. And then you will right-click the Exchange server object that you want to work with and then click Properties.
  9. After that go to the Attribute column, and then double-click NetworkAddress.
  10. And then go to the Value to add box, and then type ncacn_ip_tcp: Server_Name.Domain_Name.Root_Domain. Then, click Add.
  11. Click OK two times, and then exit the Active Directory Service Interfaces Edit snap-in.
  12. After that restart the World Wide Web Publishing service on each front-end Exchange 2003 computer that serves Outlook Web Access users.
  13. And then make sure that the NetworkAddress property is correctly replicated to all domain controllers.
  14. You can the use Outlook Web Access to verify that you have access to your mailbox.



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