I need some important information about jQuery outlook contact.

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I need some important information about jquery outlook contact. I was assigned to research jquery outlook contact topic, please do help me get an accurate information about this matter. Discuss and explain the highlight or main purpose of the application.

Waiting for your support, thank you.

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I need some important information about jQuery outlook contact.



Hello Christine Turner, 
This plugin provides a function for parsing the contents of an iCalendar definition. The result is a JavaScript object that you can easily navigate for further processing, e.g.ical.vevent.description. Further iCalendar examples are available in the specification.
o All names are converted to lower case.
o Names that are reserved words have an underscore (_) appended, e.g. CLASS becomes class_.
o Simple entries (name and value only) are presented as attributes with string values.
o Entries with additional parameters result in an object value with the _value field holding the original value.
o Dates are converted into Date objects where possible and are annotated with a _type field to indicate their timezone: UTC, float (none specified), or a name.
o Date ranges are converted into objects with start and end values.
o Repeating fields are converted into arrays.
For More information u can go to following URL
I think this will help you to solve the problem.
Shwanj Whudson

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