Outlook 2011 shows Error 17997 on Mac Pro

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I have successfully installed office 2011 on Macbook. There was nothing wrong during the installation and all went fine as I assumed. After that I tried to set up an account in Outlook for connecting company’s exchange server.

I did it successfully inside the company firewall. Then made an automatic configuration and the connection is granted. Now from Exchange server I can create or compose a new email or message and also able to verify the receiver name to authenticate.

But the issue is it is still not displaying the new account in the inbox section of the left navigation pane. Whenever I try to or attempt to send a new message it is showing me an error which seems to be like this "unexpected error occurs"-17997. I looked into my colleague’s computer and everything is fine and also working properly in their computers.

Please help with this issue.

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Outlook 2011 shows Error 17997 on Mac Pro


‘Error: Unexpected data was encountered.
Details: Mail could not be sent.
Error code: 17997’

If this error appears, a log file has to be created to solve the issue.  Please follow these steps.

  1. Windows menu –> Select ‘Error log option’.
  2. Outlook –> Select ‘Enable logging’.

These steps will establish a log file and you can find the log file in desktop. And you can then use this log file for troubleshooting.

Thank you for your attention.

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Outlook 2011 shows Error 17997 on Mac Pro


Hello Bob,

The following workarounds should help you resolve the issue that you are getting:

  • You will need to try creating a new list from scratch, and also you will need to select the list from the contacts list rather than just typing in the name. Once you do that, the automated selection will just bring up the old deleted list.
  • The problem could be also as a result of a bad distribution list.  You will therefore need to try clicking the plus sign to replace the group name as well as all of the individual emails. In case that does not succeed, you will need to fix or recreate your distribution list.

Hope these workarounds will help.



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Outlook 2011 shows Error 17997 on Mac Pro


It seems that this problem is common to Mac users using Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 where the error usually appears like “unexpected data was encountered error 17997” or like “can connect to exchange server and receive mail but when sending the messages hang in the outbox with error -17997, unexpected data was encountered”.

This is usually triggered when the user changes the server’s name in the URL used in accessing OWA using the web browser and sometimes is caused when checking the “override default port” option in the settings of Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 and then changing it to port number 442.

To fix error 17997 in Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Mac, check first the email account configuration of Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 with that of the Microsoft Exchange Server.

You can also create a new identity and then try reconfiguring it. If that doesn’t work, export a “.olm” file, create a new identity and then make it the default identity, and then import the “.olm” file.

You may also try rebuilding the email account used in Microsoft Office Outlook 2011. Also make sure that you are using the primary SMTP address of your Microsoft Exchange account and avoid using any alias.

If this also fail, you may now try fixing it using a program called Stellar Phoenix OLM Repair from Stellar® Data Recovery Stellar Phoenix OLM Repair.

But if all of these methods failed to work, the last alternative is to repair or simply reinstall Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 for Mac.

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