“An error is preventing Photo Gallery from saving this picture”

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Photo Gallery was installed with my computer I purchased more than a year ago. My Sony digital camera pictures are downloaded to my computer and I used Photo Gallery to edit it all always. When I try to fix red eye on newly downloaded picture and everything worked fine until last week.

This error message appear “An error is preventing Photo Gallery from saving this picture” as I tried to move to the next picture. It also appears if I try to edit an already existing picture and not only is any newly downloaded picture what I have discovered.

No any real answer has been found from similar post seen.

How to correct this problem?

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“An error is preventing Photo Gallery from saving this picture”


Maybe you did a software installation before that updated your system and affected the functionality of your Photo Gallery application. Check if you still have the installer for your Photo Gallery software so you can simply reinstall the program. You can also check its installer on the CD that comes with your computer when you bought it before.

But if your computer doesn’t have a CD with it for some other installers for your machine then maybe the Photo Gallery application was just installed there for customers to see. But even if you don’t have its installer you can still download its installer from the web and I think a much newer version is available.

Since Photo Gallery is already not working right might as well uninstall it. Then download and install Windows Live Photo Gallery 14.0.8081.709. This version works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It’s an older version but I think it’s still quite useful. To download this version, please visit Softonic — enjoy software!.

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