OSX Mavericks shutting computer down every time after an update

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I recently updated my OSX Mavericks OS and now something strange is happening on my Mac Mini. When it powers up, it only displays the Apple logo and then the progress bar, which is normal. After the progress bar is full, the computer shuts down and when I power it up again, the same process repeats itself. I have tried opening it in safe mode but it does not work. A hardware test detects no problems and recovery mode does not solve anything. Please help.

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OSX Mavericks shutting computer down every time after an update


Since your Mac mini keeps on shutting down, try resetting the SMC or the System Management Controller. To begin, shut down your Mac mini then unplug or disconnect the power cord. After this, wait for about 15 seconds or more and then attach the power cord back to the computer. Here, wait for about 5 seconds or more and then turn on the power and start the Mac mini.

The System Management Controller is the one responsible for the following low-level functions:

  • Responds when the power button is pressed.
  • Responds when the lid is opened and closed when using a portable Mac.
  • Management of the battery.
  • Management of the thermal temperature.
  • Handles the Sudden Motion Sensor or the SMS.
  • Handles the ambient light sensing.
  • Controls the backlighting of the keyboard.
  • Handles the Status Indicator Light or the SIL.
  • Handles the battery status indicator lights.

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