Database Login Error message issue

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I was using a database with a user account. When I tried to go further go inside the database premises, I got the error as in the image above that you should administrator account. What I mean is, the account I am using is though a user account, but with full privileges. So why the system does gives the error to use access it from the administrator.

I am not able to get the admin access, but I know there might be a solution to it and could be accessed from the user account. I tried to direct the database to other drives of the PC.

I mean other than the primary partition, so that if I don’t have access to the Primary drive, but I do have full access to other drives, but still the problem remains as it was and gives me the error message again, but after some delay this time.

Can anybody sort this out?

The database is not initialized.

Login Error

The database is not initialized.

You should use the administrator account to initialize the database.


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Database Login Error message issue


Unfortunately you forgot to mention your Database Version and the Application Accessing the Database. If your Database Version is Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( (64-bit) then this error can occur when using an Oracle 10g 64-bit ODBC driver to connect to the MDCStore database.

This error may occur when connecting to the MetaXpress Software or any related products such as MDCStoreTools. You will not see such error while you are using Oracle 10g 32-bit ODBC driver. This is a known issue using the Oracle 10g 64-bit ODBC driver to connect to MDCStore. The solution is to update current ODBC driver to 11.01 64-bit ODBC driver.

Hope you got the answer to your question.

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Database Login Error message issue


Hello Hambre,
The specified user account has not granted permits to the SQL Server database that tries to connect.

With a complete installation of SQL Server.

Grant permissions for the account specified in the database that you try to connect. Access projects can connect to SQL Server through a specific user of SQL Server or using a domain account network. With complete installations of SQL Server, you can use Enterprise Manager to create user accounts and permissions.

With SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine.

An installation of SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine does not include Enterprise Manager. Also, of predetermined form, SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine is formed to allow that to only the members of the local group of managers of Windows NT or Windows 2000 or the manager's account of SQL Server, 'sa', to gain access to the database.

To grant permissions for the database in SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine, it can use the following options:

  • There can use the safety integrated(repaid) to add the user who is executing the project of access to the group of local managers of Windows NT or Windows 2000. Nevertheless, this also gives to the user the finished access to the team(equipment).
  • It is possible to activate the 'sa' it is provided(relies on) with a password and to allow the user to initiate meeting(session) as a manager of SQL Server. The user will have finished access to the servant SQL, but I do not complete access to the team(equipment) based on Windows NT or the team(equipment) based on Windows 2000.
  • It is possible to install to SQL Server Enterprise Manager from the compact disc of SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000. This provides the administration hardware to him to add users of mastery of the network to the database and to provide safety at object level.
  • It is possible to install Microsoft Office XP Developer. Microsoft Office XP Developer includes the client's hardware of SQL Server, including that of Manager of the company.
  • SQL can execute Server procedures to grant access to the base of stored information.

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