Option to see page break view in MS

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It would have been helpful if MS gets back the option to see page break in the page break view. Will it happen?

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Option to see page break view in MS


HI Reilly,

In your query you only mentioned MS, so I will just specifically explain here.

The View Option which is Page Break Preview is only available in MS Excel application.

But you can still see the page break in MS Word, using the Print Layout View in MS Word 2007.

Normally, there are two types of page breaks you can insert in the document. Usually Word automatically wraps down text to the next line or next page depending on the size of paper set in page layout. The page break we can see in Print Layout View is what we call hard page break. A soft page break can bee seen when viewing document in Normal View which is available in other MS Word version.

Microsoft has improved MS Applications. You can even insert a page break anywhere on the page by just positioning your mouse to the appropriate location and then click on Page Layout Menu. In the ribbon, click the Page Break icon to insert page break.

It is still available in MS Excel. You can still see the page break in Page Break View.  You can even insert page break to a certain part of the page. All you have to do is go to Page Layout Menu and then choose Breaks from the ribbon.


Hope this helps.


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Option to see page break view in MS


Hello Reilly,

Ms Word still has the option for viewing a page in the page break view, may be you cannot just figure out where to get it. I will help you find it:

Open your ms word document. In the main menu of the document click on insert to expand the tabs. You will page break, click on it.

Another way to access the page breaks in the same word document is by clicking on page layout and when the tabs expand your will breaks. Click on it and choose which type of break to use. It can be continuous, next page and so forth. Just choose one from the list.

You will inserted page breaks in your word document.


Lee Hung


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