Operating System crashed when starting the windows pc restart

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Why does the Operating system crash when it is not over used? It has happened when the O.S was changed from Vista to Windows 7.

After 1 month the OS crashed and every time I turn on the PC it will restart.

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Operating System crashed when starting the windows pc restart


Hello there angie

  • PC crashes are becoming normal these days and it seems your problem roots to hard disk drive failure.  I recommend buying a new hard disk drive and replacing your old hard disk drive or you can full format your PC.
  • You can full format your PC by deleting the partition from every hard disk that you have (ex. C: and D:) Hopefully formatting saves your hard disk because buying a new one will be hard on the pockets, so try formatting your whole PC first before buying a new HDD.
  • But mainly as I can see your HDD is really failing.  Buying a new one can't be avoided.  Pretty soon you will encounter BSD and you will lose every file in your HDD.
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Operating System crashed when starting the windows pc restart



Operating systems crash due to a lot of reasons. Even if you don't use the computer a lot, there are still errors it may get from that. Here are a few possible reasons why your computer restarts every time you turn it on.

  1. You might have a piece of hardware failing.
  2. You might have a few drivers failing or that which need updating.
  3. The operating systems need to be activated (activation expires at 30 days after installation)
  4. Your system might be infected by a virus or Malware that could have been introduced via a USB stick or flash memory card.
  5. Your operating system received an update from Windows that was incomplete and when the update was introduced into your system it created errors in the registry.

Here are a few steps to resolve these issues.

  1. Try repairing your current installation by using the repair facility included in your OS installation disk.
  2. Bring your PC to a friend who can help you check for hardware failures or defective peripherals.
  3. Verify if you need to activate the Operating System online.
  4. If possible, start up your operating system normally, try running a full scan  with your Antivirus program.
  5. If all your hardware checks out, do a full reinstall of your Operating System.

Happy Computing!

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