Opera failing to load FaceBook

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Hello Guys,

I got another problem with Opera.

When I try to go to Facebook, it loads at the left and stops working.

Please see the attached picture.

Do I need to reinstall Opera again?


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Opera failing to load FaceBook


Hello, there could be many reasons for it. Firstly it could be a temporary error by the looks of it; it could also be an error on your browser part to correctly execute the CSS script every website has.

You could also try clearing your cookies and cache from the browser. Cookies are the small files websites store on your computer to identify your identity, like your login credentials etc. Cache is a file which is more of a backup file of a website, in some browsers the cache is loaded until you refresh the website; this ensures optimal use of bandwidth but is also known to cause problems like these because of corrupted Cache.

One more area to look at is the settings where you can disable pictures from loading, if you ever browsed from a mobile phone’s GPRS internet on your laptop, opera tends to stop pictures from loading thus making your browsing experience faster.  If all of these steps fail, you may have to enable Java script in your browser, it is usually turned on by default.

Checking it out is good as well. 

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Opera failing to load FaceBook


You have cookie problem

Facebook must be using 3rd party cookies to solve it the problem accept cookies .

Used Edit Site Preferences and changed to Accept Cookies, simply accepting all cookies

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Opera failing to load FaceBook


Dear Carlo let me first tell you that Opera Mini is not a good browser for using Facebook because this site has too many features to show.

As for your mobile phone is concerned,the internet area in the mobile itself is a best browser.

All other browsers of mobile make its speed too low.

UC Web browser is also another choice for it,but the same issue,due to low speed many pages fail to load.

If you want to use Facebook without any issue,you must use mobile builtin browser.

Thank you.

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