One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation

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I downloaded the Drupal software application and installed it on my Windows Vista machine.  After installation, I had a welcome screen, I went to create a login account, which worked fine. I created that as an admin account, as per instructions. I did a few configuration changes, according to my need.  Later when I go to the admin section, I get a pop up message as below:

One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation. Check the status report for more information.

And the status report does not come up with information.  Do I need to uninstall it and reinstall it again, or can I do something to fix this up?


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One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation


Is there a purpose, why you are not examining the status statement to get more info? The message that says "Check the status report for more information" means that you should probably look into the standing report. You will see more details there.  It'll state what the problem is, and provide clues about how you can fix it.

You have not mentioned exactly about the emails  (regardless of being asked above), thus it appears that you have chosen not to check the status report to learn more.

Most of the info you will observe (in the event you look at the standing statement) is pretty obvious. Merely the red problems, indicate that a particular, more than one problem had been recognized with your Drupal installment.

Usually you just have to turn on cron,  to resolve some file authorizations and never end up being irritated once again.

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