Missing NTOSKRNL.exe Error with black screen

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Something happened to my computer where am not able to login to the main screen. Let me explain what happened exactly. I just tuned on my computer and a soon as I turn on my computer I see a black screen which says ntoskrnl Missing. And am not able to log into the computer. I have even tried to login into safe mode, but nothing happened.

I doubt that this may be an OS problem. But not sure .If any experts could confirm it and get me with some steps to fix it I can very well do it by myself.

Looking for your help

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Missing NTOSKRNL.exe Error with black screen


This is a frequent problem that I have noticed occurring with the Windows XP Operating System.

Yes you are absolutely correct this is a problem that arises with the Operating system. Before moving onto the solutions first let me help you understand the possible root cause for this problem.

The possibilities may be because of the Keyboard or Missing or Corrupt Ntoskernel file or  Corrupted Hard Disk or even may be because of Corrupted Operating System

A s I said before the only chance that we could relate it with the keyboard is any possible short with the ground may cause this problem so to sort out that kindly remove the keyboard and turn on the computer and check out. If the problem is solved then you may need to replace the Keyboard .if not then let us check the ntoskernel file

The main cause for this problem at most of the time would be the missing or corrupt ntoskernel file .So to clear out the problem .Just insert the Windows XP Recovery CD and Boot with the CD.Once the CD is loaded and when you are in page which asks you to select Install or repair .Just type in R to enter the repair window.

Then select the OS that you need to repair after that you may be prompted to enter the administrator password.

Now in the command prompt looking like window type in expand d:i386ntoskrnl.ex_ c:windowssystem32. (The path varies as per your disk drive letter.)

Once when you have done this correctly it may ask you whether to overwrite the existing file Just type in Y to say yes.

Finally type exit and reboot the computer.

After rebooting the computer check whether the problem is solved .If not try to take a Data back up a do a fresh Installation of Operating system wiping out everything.

Even after Installing the fresh OS the problem persist contact you computer manufacturer since that may be a problem with the hard drive.

For sure any one of the step will help you to sort out and fix the issue.

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Missing NTOSKRNL.exe Error with black screen


NTOSKRNL.exe is the kernel image for the family of Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. It is a crucial process to the Windows system that is responsible for various system services. However, ntoskrnl.exe should not appear in the Windows Task manager and if it does, this represents the presence of a virus. So how do we fix this issue? The best and easy way is to attempt a windows recovery by inserting the windows disk and restarting your computer.

When you see a message that tells you to boot from the CD, press Enter.

Press R in the setup menu.

Select the operating system that you want to repair and enter an administrator password – If your computer had any password.

Type “d:i386ntoskrnl.ex_ c:windowssystem32”

Type Exit to reboot your computer

Note: You have to exactly know whether your CD ROM is using the letter D: otherwise be sure to use the right drive letter.

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Missing NTOSKRNL.exe Error with black screen


There are many reasons why you receive an error related to a missing “ntoskrnl.exe” file. One is an invalid “boot.ini” file. If your operating system’s “boot.ini” file accidentally got misconfigured, the Windows XP Bootloader or the NTLDR may end up trying to load Windows from the wrong partition or drive. If this happens, you will receive the error that the “ntoskrnl.exe” file is missing.

To fix the problem, insert your Windows XP setup CD on your optical drive and boot from the optical drive. Press any key when you see “Press any key to boot from CD” to start loading the CD. On the “Welcome” screen, press R on your keyboard to start Recovery Console. In the Recovery Console, enter your administrator password then hit Enter.

Next, type without quotes “bootcfg /rebuild” then hit Enter. This will scan your computer for installed Windows copies. If you see this message after entering the command, press Y to select Yes:

Identified Windows installation
Identified Windows installation

But if you see the message “Enter Load Identifier” after entering the command, you need to provide a name to be assigned. You can enter for example without quotes, “Windows XP Professional (Recovered)”. After this, when you receive “Enter OS Load options”, enter without quotes “/fastdetect” then hit Enter. Restart your computer after this.

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