What does NTLDR Error means?

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What the meaning of NTLDR error and what the possible cause why i got this error?

NTLDR error-NTLDR is missing -Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

NTLDR is missing

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

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What does NTLDR Error means?



NTLDR is Missing.
Related errors:
Below are the full error messages that may be seen when the computer is booting.
NTLDR is Missing
Press any key to restart
Boot: Couldn't find NTLDR
Please insert another disk
NTLDR is missing 
Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart
The causes are as under :
  1. Computer is booting from a non-bootable source.
  2. Computer hard disk drive is not properly setup in BIOS.
  3. Corrupt NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM file.
  4. Misconfiguration with the boot.ini file.
  5. Attempting to upgrade from a Windows 95, 98, or ME computer that is using FAT32.
  6. New hard disk drive being added.
  7. Corrupt boot sector / master boot record.
  8. Seriously corrupted version of Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  9. Loose or Faulty IDE/EIDE hard disk drive cable.
  10. Failing to enable USB keyboard support in the BIOS.
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What does NTLDR Error means?


The possible causes of this error are;

  • Seriously corrupted versions of windows XP.
  • Computer hard disk drive is not properly set up in bios.
  • Failing to enable USB support in bios.
  • If the computer is booting from a non bootable source.
  • Or,new hard disk drive is added.
  • Or, corrupt boot sector.
  • If you are using FAT32 file in upgrading your pc.
  • Corrupt ntldr file.
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What does NTLDR Error means?


NTLDR missing, disk boot failure. Please insert system disk.

This happen because some of this:

1. Improper shutdown of your PC.

2. Some hidden files on drive c: is deleted.

3. Infected by virus.

4. And switching off the AVR without shut downing properly.

And the only thing to do is to repair your windows using you windows installer.

Or reformat is the best solution to fix that kind of error.

Hope this tips will help you a little bit.

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What does NTLDR Error means?


NTLDR stands for New Technology Loader.

It is a program or software loaded onto the hard disk drive of the boot sector that displays the start-up menu for Microsoft Windows XP as well as Microsoft Windows TN Operating System and Windows Server 2003 and allows them to load. In some cases, it can also run from portable storage devices.

If the necessary boot sector is available, then NTLDR can also load a non NT-based Operating system.

Note that ntdetect.com must be available to enable NTLDR load a NT-based Operating system.

For NTLDR to operate efficiently and effectively, the system volume i. e. the disk volume that contains hardware specific files necessary for starting windows, needs to have:

-Ntldr which contains the main boot loader.

-boot.ini which contains the configuration choices for a boot menu.


NTLDR helps users by giving them the choice of which Operating System to boot from the menu which is normally stored in boot.ini located in the same disk as NTLDR.

It is normally not easy for users to configure boot.ini because of features such as “System hidden” and “Read only”. However, these can be disabled either through a bootcfg command from the console or within Windows using a Text Editor under the “Folder view” option.

Whenever you restart your computer, software referred to as BIOS (Basic Input Output system) begins preparing your computer for the tasks it will be performing. In some cases, when booting your computer, you will get an NTLDR error message, the most common one being:

‘NTLDR is missing

Press any key to restart’

Or even

‘NTLDR is missing

Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart’


There are various causes of this error message. Some of them are:

1. In case BIOS (Basic Input Output System);

  • Is out-dated,
  • Did not look for the right file,
  • Did not find the right partition,
  • Was not active,
  • Did not find the MBR (Master Boot Record).

2. MBR did not list NTLDR in the right place.

3. NTLDR location changed.

4. One of the Windows boot files i. e. Ntldr, Ntdetect.com or Boot.ini could be misconfigured, missing or damaged.

5. Also when you try to install or upgrade to Windows XP when your computer normally runs on Microsoft Windows 95 or even Microsoft Windows 98.

6. When the computer tries to boot from a hard drive or flash drive which is not properly configured for this purpose i. e. a non-rebootable source.

7. When you have damaged and loose IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) cables. These are the cables and ports that connect the hard drives and optical drives as well as the Motherboard.

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