Notepad++ 6.1.3 Runs in Various OS

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The newly released version, Notepad++ 6.1.3 is very useful to the programmer. Can it be used in the Mac OS?

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Notepad++ 6.1.3 Runs in Various OS




Notepad++ is a powerful editing tool which is popular as notepad replacement and as source code editor is supported by Windows operating systems and can run directly. It cannot be used on Mac operating system directly. But it is able to run on Mac OS X using Wine as compatibility layer. Wine is an open source application that will allow application programs written for MS Windows to run primarily on Linux. It is now supporting Unix like Operating Systems and Mac OS X.

Notepad++ is a powerful editing tool

All Windows versions are supported i.e. Win98 /9 8SE / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / Me /NT /XP /Vista / 7 and it is a free source code editor based on a powerful editor component written in C++ called as Scintilla. Notepad++ is running with smaller sized programs with high execution by using pure STL and win32 API. Usage of this freeware on windows is governed by GPL Licenses.Equivalent to Notepad ++, there are other software available on Mac

Equivalent to Notepad ++, there are other software available on Mac. Few of them are iWeb, Coda, Freeway, skEdit,TextMate, RapidWeaver, etc. These are specific to Mac OS only.

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Notepad++ 6.1.3 Runs in Various OS


This is a great addition if you happen to be collecting different text editor programs. Notepad++ is very similar to AkelPad, which is a source code and text editor integrated into one application. Notepad++ is designed to be lightweight and strong text editor for various programming and scripting languages. One of the major advantages of the program is its featured tabbed editing where you can work and open multiple files all at the same time without having to open other instances of it.

In notepad, you won’t be able to open two files in a single instance and if you want to open two or more files you need to open two or more instances of notepad as well. Here are some of its features:

  • Fixed the issue regarding localization failures
  • The Begin/End Select commands are now recordable in macro
  • Improved the delimiter selection which is activated by CTRL + double click
  • Fixed the problem in the Find/Replace dialog bar regarding the overwriting memory problem
  • Fixed the problem in the Run dialog which previously doesn’t work when spaces are added in the path
  • Fixed the “Find all in current document” bug which previously prompts to create a new file

Notepad++ 6.1.3 is an old version. To download the latest version, visit Notepad++ Current Version. Also, try the portable version. Download Notepad++ Portable Latest.

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