Not responding keyboard number pad

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Hi There!

My keyboard number pads are inactive. I need to activate it immediately. I am a data entry operator. So I need every time keyboard number pads.

Keyboard number pads are inactive need to activate it immediately

In my profession always need number pads. My PC is still turning on but number pads are not running.

My keyboard is not older keyboard but is it also a new keyboard that I bought some months ago.

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Not responding keyboard number pad


You can try to make your number pads work for Windows XP by Going to “Start” menu options then select “Control Panel” choose “Accessibility” selections, click on the “Mouse” then unmark the “Use MouseKeys”.

Once you are in the “Settings” choose “Off” for the “Use MouseKeys when Numlock is” then click the “Apply” and press “Ok”.

To make your number pads work for Windows 7, follow these steps.

Change the “Accessibility Options” by going to “Start” menu options then select“Control Panel” choose “Ease Of Access Center” then select the “Make the keyboard easier to use” and uncheck the “Turn On Mouse Keys”.

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Not responding keyboard number pad


Hi Mr. Marley,

First and foremost, I would like you to stay calm and read the instruction very carefully so that your problem will be easily fixed. According to you, your keyboard number pads are inactive, or shall I say not functioning. Okay, base on that, there are only two solutions that I can see so that you can fix your problem very easy and very fast. First, look at the "NUM LOCK" that can be found in the upper portion of your number pads, if you can see a green light above the keypad "NUM LOCK" it means that you can use your number keypads, and if ever you can't see any light, it means that you did not press the NUM lock keypad that's why you can't use your number keypad.

Green light above the keypad "NUM LOCK"

The second solution is that, your keyboard needs to be replaced since keyboards are disposable, meaning, if ever it will be destroyed, you cannot repair it, maybe you touch the number keypad while your hands are wet, because the keyboards are easily be destroyed with water, there are great possibility that the reason why it happens because of your wet hands. Hopefully, I was able to help you in your problem regarding with your keyboard.

Thank you and Good luck.


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