Not Enough RAM Error in Adobe Photoshop CS2

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An error message related to my Adobe Photoshop CS2 says: “Could not complete your request because there is not enough RAM. ” I have installed it with my Windows 7 PC and I did not install any updated plug-ins or whatsoever.

However, every time I open this program that error message pops up like moments after it is completely opened and ready for use. Although I can still continue working well with it, I want to get rid of this error message. I really need to fix it, any idea?

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Not Enough RAM Error in Adobe Photoshop CS2


The probable causes are:

a. Compatibility issue in running windows 7 environment.

b. You have 1GB or Lower size RAM. All the installed and start-up programs are eating up your RAM. The Photo’s you are working on is also putting pressure on Your PC-RAM.

c. You have installed the Windows 7, and it has automatically installs the video driver from its own driver collection. While working on Photo or other video program, the related process is not functioning normally. This is why, you are viewing RAM related error message.

d. You have installed a new plug-in for Photoshop. Sometimes, plug-in hampers the working process of Photoshop and takes too much RAM.

My suggestions are:

a. Use Windows XP.

b. Buy and use the latest Adobe Photoshop that runs well in Windows 7 Environment.

c. If you don’t want to change the windows 7 and run adobe Photoshop CS2, then uninstall Adobe Photoshop. Insert the Photoshop CD in your CD/DVD-Rom. Right Click the main setup up file. Click on the ‘Run As administrator’. Complete the setup. 

Go to the Photoshop folder (C: > Program files > Photoshop folder). Right click main Photoshop file (Photoshop.EXE). Click properties. Now, click Compatibility Tab and set the compatibility mode to Windows XP. In the bottom part, click ‘Run as administrator’. Click Apply & then ok. Now, run Photoshop CS2.

d. Install Motherboard’s Audio and Video driver. If you don’t have Windows 7 based Motherboard’s driver, then download it from the Interment.

e. Uninstall the last installed Photoshop-plug-in.


Crawly Math


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Not Enough RAM Error in Adobe Photoshop CS2


Hello Maureen,

Well first of all i should tell you that Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a heavy program if you are running it on Windows 7 pc. If you have 1 GB RAM then it is just only for the Windows 7 to operate the system. It is not recommended to run heavy programs beyond the limit of RAM. You should be able to perform heavier tasks only if you have 2GB RAM or higher than that.

So if you want to continue using Windows 7 then you have to upgrade your system to higher RAM in order to perform heavier tasks or run heavy programs because programs like Adobe Photoshop require higher system usage.

But if you want to use the program without upgrading to higher configuration then you should be using Windows XP operating system which makes optimum usage of the system and makes it possible for heavy tasks to run smoothly. Hope this would help.

Thank you,


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Not Enough RAM Error in Adobe Photoshop CS2


Thank you Crawly Math. Sorry for the late gratitude. I followed your letter C suggestion and it worked. The error message is now gone and I can fully use my Photoshop now. Many thanks! Thank you TechyV!

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