Not able to save in PNG format

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In saving a picture in PNG format, whatever the name I chose or put, PSP informs,

 "The file name is not valid"

But if I went with saving it in TIF format it instantly gets saved.

I also have noticed that whenever I attempt to save a copy of a PNG format file through SAVE AS dialogue, PSP always questions me whether it is sure to overwrite the existing file. If I click the YES button, then the file gets saved.

Since then onward I have been getting the following error message.

PaintShop Photo Pro

This copy of Paint Shop Pro has been damaged or illegally modified.
Please reinstall from your original source.

I really exhausted with this.

Please somebody aids me.

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Not able to save in PNG format



As what did I saw in the screen shot your Paint shop pro had crashed and you will cannot access it anymore. And one thing if you want to save a .png file it is not necessary that the software will tell you that there is an existing file which is not true right? I think your software was not installed properly. You have to follow these steps:

1. uninstall the paint shop pro software

2. go to your control panel "uninstall a program for windows 7. Add/remove for windows XP.

3. after uninstalling you have to download a software that is compatible to your current operating system.

4. or download the latest and updated version of the software.


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