How to move cartoon on Adobe CS4

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Hallo every one,

I am laljonson, i use Adobe flash cs4 for creating animation. But i face a problem when i move a cartoon. I draw i cartoon in a symbol i give a classic tune in frame but cartoon doesn't walk properly. It's not work properly & it's move very fast. I am very excited for this problem & i follow many tutorial. I draw it i don't move it. I was tired many time but i failed. So i want to know in this site "How can i move a cartoon with flash cs4".please answer my questions very short time.



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How to move cartoon on Adobe CS4


Hi Laljohnson,

Have you tried setting  a Frame Delay and Looping Options?
You can use these option to specify looping so that you can specify whether you want the animation to run once or continuously. The Frame Delay option should allow you to set TIME DELAY and I think that this is what you need to try first.
Please take note as well that DELAY TIME  is displayed in  SECONDS. The decimal values that you are seeing in your CS4 is the fractions of seconds. 
For example, one fourth of a second  is showing as .25.
Also take note that if you set a delay on the current frame you are working on, every frame you will create next will automatically apply the same delay value.
  • Open Photoshop and open the Animation panel
  • Choose the frame animation modem
  • Choose the frame that you want to edit 
       Note: You can select one or multiple frames.
  • Click on the Delay value under the  selected frame and it should open up the menu.
You may now specify the delay. 
Choose value from the pop up menu
Choose Other, enter the value you want(should be lower compared to the current value you have)  in the Set Frame Delay box and select OK
My conclusion.
You specified a higher value in Frame Delay which is causing your animation to play too fast. As simple as minimizing the value should help.
Hope this tutorial will help and fix your concern.
Floe Gabrielle
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How to move cartoon on Adobe CS4



 I have a solution for your problem. You have mentioned that there is problem in moving the cartoons while using ADOBE FLASH CS-4.

Please check out the following links and go through from these pages that will give the pin points about your problem. I am sure from here you will get the idea where you are missing or facing some kind of error.

Another link is also given which will give you guideline towards new effects related to the cartoon moving.

In these pages a brief detail of composing animation with proper sequence is given.

Hope this will resolve your problem.



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