Not able to open the MS Office Outlook and Outlook Window.

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When I am starting the Microsoft Outlook, an error message pops up with the following details. ‘It is not able to open the MS Office Outlook and Outlook Window. It is also not able to open the set of folders. Some errors have detected in the PST file. So, after exiting all Outlook programs run the inbox repair tool to fix this problem.

 But the repair feature is not able to complete the repair as an unknown error occurs. When I have checked the PST file by clicking on it, an unknown error occurs.

Please help me to fix this problem. I will thankful for all help and support. 

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Not able to open the MS Office Outlook and Outlook Window.

  • Close all opened office applications
  • Browse to the following folders and RENAME (do not delete them if you wish to avoid losing any emails and address books). I normally stick a _Old on the end to make it "foldername_ Old "

For Microsoft Outlook…



For other Microsoft Office Programs…



  • Open problematic application (Outlook in this case)

The next problem you will have to deal with is OUTLOOK is your Personal Folders file will be new and therefore empty (none of your old emails, calendar or contacts in there!).

Don't panic though, all you need to do is the subsequent steps

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to File>Import and Export…
  3. Choose "Import from another program of file" and click next
  4. Choose "Personal Folder File (.pst)" and click next
  5. Click the browse button and locate the folder that you previously renamed

    • C:Users<yourusername>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook_
  6. Choose the "Outlook.pst" file (which should be more than 1KB if it contains anything) and click the "Open" Button at the bottom
  7. Click "Next" and then "Finish" and watch all of your lovely emails, calendar appointments and contacts fly back into your active profile!
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Not able to open the MS Office Outlook and Outlook Window.


You can try to use the Inbox Repair tool or the Scanpst.exe to repair this issue. It will scan the .pst and .ost file and reset your file and rebuild it. Scanpst.exe is included in your Outlook once you installed it to your computer. You can find it in your C:Program filesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE12. To repair it using scanpst.exe:

1. Close your Outlook if it is running.

2. Launch the scanpst.exe from its location.

3. Enter the name of your .pst or .ost file that you want to check. You can also click Browse to search for the file.

4. To modify the scan log options, click the Options and edit it then click start.

5. If there is an error after the scan, you will be asked to repeat the repair process. During the process, there is a backup file created. You can change the default name or location of this backup. Or browse the file that you want to use and then select Repair.

6. Start your Outlook with the profile that has your .pst file.

7. Select the Folder List on the Go menu. A folder named Recovered personal Folders on the Folder List has its default Outlook folders or something like a Lost and found folder.

8. If you see the Recovered Personal Folders, you can now create a new .pst file and drag it in the Lost and found folder. And then you can now remove the recovered Personal folders or the .pst file together with the Lost and found folder from your profile when done with moving the entire items.


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