Norton Autofix – Norton Security has encountered an error.

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Hello friends,

I use Norton to protect my laptop. Actually this is the only security product I have ever used in my history of computing.

I believe this is the only reliable security product in market. So far, unfortunately I am encountering the following error recently.

As per the message said, I went to support website, but did not find any solution.

Please share your opinion regarding the issue.

Norton Autofix


Norton Security has encountered an error.

Error: 3048, 3

We were unable to find an automated fix for this issue. Please go to our Support Web site for further assistance.



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Norton Autofix – Norton Security has encountered an error.


Hi Irine,

I have never used Norton before, but from the testimonies of the people who have used it, it poses a little problems in its usage. I particularly use AVG antivirus, it is awesome and it is free and since you said you have been using Norton all through, you might consider giving another antivirus a try and see how it works for you.

You can get AVG for free by accessing

Some of the other most powerful anti viruses that I can recommend include kaspersky, bit defender and Avast. You can choose one among them and see it works well for you.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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Norton Autofix – Norton Security has encountered an error.


If you are using this antivirus program for years then it may be not effective now and may be removed by the antivirus program.

But if you have a copy that is up to date then this problem may not come so to solve your problem you can reinstall the program and then update it from the website or just press update from the program. You must need a internet connection to do that you can then update your program and make sure that you have a valid copy of your antivirus.

All the thing you need to do is update your program on regular basis and if necessary then you need to remove it from your computer and again install it to solve the problem. Change your settings to default settings and make your program effective.

Michal joran.

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Norton Autofix – Norton Security has encountered an error.


I am also a long time user of Norton products and two of them are Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. It’s quite unusual because ever since I first tried using Norton products, I haven’t encountered this kind of error yet and I’m lucky because this will surely give a headache since my computer can’t run without any protection while connected to the internet.

Anyway, it’s a good thing because there is a way of fixing this problem with your NIS and with any other Norton products. First is to visit Norton AntiVirus for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. After that, download the file under File Name which has the “v5i32.exe” for 32-bit operating systems and “v5i64.exe” for 64-bit operating systems. See the image below.

Check the information on the page first and then download the appropriate version for your operating system. If you have Microsoft Window 32-bit, download the 32-bit version of the file and if you have Microsoft Windows 64-bit, download the 64-bit version of the file. Install the file after downloading it and just follow the on-screen instructions.

Next is to download Norton Power Eraser. Run the program after downloading it. Click Yes or Continue when prompted by the User Account Control window, read the license agreement and then accept it. Click the “Scan for Risks” icon to start scanning your system for rootkits and then wait for the scan to finish. Close all programs when done and then restart your machine.

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Norton Autofix – Norton Security has encountered an error.


Beside these solutions have many way to can apply to resolve this issue. Visit this Techyv page and get more way for performing to resolve this issue.

Norton Autofix Error 8504, 104

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