Zone alarm internet security suite 9 market availability

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I have just downloaded the full version of zone alarm internet security suite 8 last 5 months. 

My friend from Japan told me that he has heard some news saying that zone alarm internet security suite 9 is already out in the market. 

How true is this?

I've been trying to Google it but I can't find any news about it. 

Please share some links of the downloadable version of the suite 9, If there are any.

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Zone alarm internet security suite 9 market availability



Hope you are fine. 

Technology plays a huge role in the growth and development of the Earth. It has made the world a global village, that is, people from all over the world can communicate with each other no matter the distance that separates them. But everything has it's downside and for technology, viruses are a major hazard. 

Developers however have created Software's that are able to fight this viruses. Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 9 is one such software and you can get it from the release history page on their official website:


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