Nokia N8 Screen Takes So Long To Light Up

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I acquired a new Nokia N8 handset from Virgin Mobile a month ago and it seems it has developed issues with the display. Sometimes when receiving calls, before I can press the answer button, the display disappears and takes like forever to light up.  And before I can hang up, I always have to wait for the other party to do so before the display can resume.  Sometimes, I am forced to remove the battery suddenly, insert it back to resume working properly. Is there someone who has had a similar problem Nokia N8 and might probably provide helpful information? Or might this mean I got a faulty Nokia N8?

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Nokia N8 Screen Takes So Long To Light Up

Happy to support you!
It is advisable to try these alternatives before contacting for technical assistance.
  1. First, try doing a soft ware update. (You can follow this link to a software update from Nokia website)
  2. If a soft ware update fails to solve the issue, try doing a hard reset by press holding the power button for 8 seconds until the vibrations.
  3. Remove the mass memory and try another one

For further support, follow this video guidance.

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