Galaxy s5 charging issue too slow

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I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S5. From its start it had an charging issue . sometimes it doesn't gets charged up properly, it may be refusing to charge at all or it might charge extremely slowly. So i would like to know that is there a issue with my hand set or there is some other issue ?

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Galaxy s5 charging issue too slow


Hi Acke Zimri,

I am sorry to hear that you are having these charging issues with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

The problem you are experiencing may be caused by either:

A. A faulty phone or B. A faulty charger.

To properly troubleshoot these issues, you will need to do the following:

1. To ensure that your charger is working, please borrow a similar charger and attempt to recharge your phone with it.

2. If your phone charges properly with the borrowed charger, it simply means that your original charger is faulty and needs replacement. You can simply purchase a new charger.

3. To further test your charger, try charging another person's Samsung Galaxy S5 with your charger. If the charger does not work well on the other person's phone, it means that your charger is not working properly, replace it.

4. If the replacement charger is causing the same issue, the problem may lie within your handset. The charging port (pictured below) may be damaged and need repairs. In such instance, you would need to return the phone to the dealer or to a certified technician for repairs.

Note: Buying a replacement charger should be your first step as it is cheaper to do. If the problem persists, your handset may need costly repairs.

Thank you

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