No suitable graphics card found for BreakoutClone

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Suddenly, I got the this unknown error message when I tried to play. It says ‘No suitable graphics card found’. I have all the higher specificationsof my system and verified the suitable graphics card installed but the error exists. How can I avoid this annoying error message. I am unable to solve this problem so I need your assistance to fix this. I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.


No suitable graphics card found.

Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA Framework Hidef profile.

Verify that a suitable graphics device is installed.

Make sure the desktop is not locked, and that no other application is running in full screen mode.

Avoid running under Remote Desktop or as a Windows service.

Check the display properties to make sure hardware acceleration is set to full.

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No suitable graphics card found for BreakoutClone


First I would like to know if you have any graphics card installed in your system and what is the configuration of your system??

Upon knowing these two things only i can answer and solve your problem.


Revert soon

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No suitable graphics card found for BreakoutClone


First of all, BreakoutClone or Breakout clone doesn’t particularly refer to a specific game if that’s what you are thinking. A Breakout clone refers to the sub-class of bat-and-ball game genre. It is also referred to as Breakout-style game which was initiated with Tennis by Magnavox Odyssey and with Pong by Atari.

The game’s type derives its name because it is based on the dynamics of a player controlling a paddle or a bat which hits a ball towards another player’s paddle. This style of gaming is also described by the addition of a wall of blocks that the player chips away with the ball.

The term “clone” began when the original Breakout arcade game was released in 1976 where clones and various platform updates became prominent. Here are several of the famous Breakout clones:

  • Gee Bee – released in 1978 by Namco available in Arcade.
  • Circus Atari – released in 1980 by Atari available in Atari 2600.
  • Thro' the Wall – released in 1982 by Psion available in ZX Spectrum.
  • Arkanoid – released in 1986 by Taito available in Arcade and different home ports.​
  • Amegas – released in 1987 and available in Amiga.

In your case, since you are playing this type of game, your video card must meet a specific requirement. Because the game is old and is usually played on console, when playing it on PC it is normally emulated using a particular program. And normally emulators need video cards that have specific features like here the game you are playing requires your video card to have XNA Framework HiDef.

Even if you are using an excellent video card but it doesn’t support this profile, you still won’t be able to run it. All video cards support Direct3D but not all support the XNA Framework HiDef profile. If you want to play the Breakout clone game, you need to purchase a new graphics adapter with XNA Framework HiDef profile support.

If you are playing the game using an emulator, most of the time it can be fixed by going to the emulator’s configuration or settings. There is usually an alternative setting for the video card so that other users that have lower computer specifications will be able to play it.

I am familiar with this because I am using a PSX emulator to play Final Fantasy sequels which were originally played on PlayStation 1 consoles.

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