No such file or directory exists error in Eudora

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I am getting spool error message on Eudora simultaneously. This happens when downloading email. Eudora stops working when this error appears and it will just o back to its normal state when clicking on the OK button. And also, I can’t seem to download emails correctly. It is very slow even though the email contains no attachments. And because of this error, I always have duplicates on my messages when done with downloading. I tried to install Eudora 6 to no luck. How can I fix this? Help me please. I posted a screenshot similar to what I am receiving. Thank you.


Could not open the file c:eudoraspoolsl7art2878833A.RCV for reading

Cause: No such file or directory exists. (2)


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No such file or directory exists error in Eudora


Hi Michael,

There are a few things you might want to check to resolve this issue. First thing you can do is try to make sure that your antivirus application is excluding Eudora spool folder when it scans.

You may want to try to find and delete all rcv files on your computer. You must do this while Eudora is closed as it will not let you delete or move it if it is opened or running in the back ground.

Last option you may want to do is to check your mail server. If patches have been applied to the mail server, chances are it may try to block some emails on the spool. Once it has been checked by your host, it should be ok.


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