Do I need to buy another license of WebEasy 8?

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Hi users,

I am from UK and looking for your help. I was told to look at the up gradation of a web site. For your information, all of the things of original site were created in MS Front Page 2000, so it can be imagined how serious kind of update is needed.

Initially I used the trial version and went through it carefully in each segment and I found that it is quite easy one to use and handle. So I recommended the club to buy the software for their purpose.

After getting the software in hand, it is ready to be installed on the computer of the guy who is going to update for daily purposes.

Now they also like me to include into it as a second nominated person to update if necessary. So I would like to know is it possible to buy a second license for the same software that has already been bought and allow me to install on my machine? Otherwise I have to buy a second copy of the same software. The distance of 20 miles forbids me from going there every time they may want something to solve for sure. It is also important to keep in mind that the regular updating will be done by a guy who has much less knowledge than me.

I would be grateful if someone came up with a healthy solution and let me know as soon as possible.

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Do I need to buy another license of WebEasy 8?



Dear user,

The WebEasy 8 software comes with a one user license. So, you need to buy another copy of the software and install in your system. One user license means you can install the software in one system at a time. What you can do is uninstall it from one system and install it another system. Having two different licenses for one copy of the software is not possible. The regular updates of your software will be hampered, since you have mentioned the updates will be handled by a guy who has less knowledge on computers. For synchronizing the updates as a second nominated person, I can give you a tip. Like if you think some updates are necessary. You can save the files of the first user in a folder and modify it with the software install in your system. Then make the final update. The easier way would be to buy another copy of the software.

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