No signal when trying to connect PS3 thru HDMI

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I have a PS3, there is little time and I want to connect it to my HD ready TV through the HDMI cable. So I bought a standard HDMI cable for this, but cannot connect my console.

I'm going to setup the display to set the HDMI connection nothing happens. HDMI on my TV channel, there is no signal, the screen is black. I tried to restart with only the HDMI cable, for the PS3 automatically switches to HD but nothing works.

I greatly need your help. Thank you for all your answers.

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No signal when trying to connect PS3 thru HDMI



Hi Matt,

This problem may be happening because your PS3 and TV cannot establish a good connection. The quickest solutions to this would be: 1) to purchase a much more expensive HDMI cable and see if it works, or 2) to purchase an “HDMI switch”. But if you don’t want to spend more money for resolving this case, you can also try the following tips:

  • Check your PS3 firmware and make sure that it is fully updated.
  • Use the original cables provided with the PS3 (the cables inside the box). Let your PS3 boot up and then go to System Settings, then select Display Settings. Here you need to change the Display to HDMI. After doing this, switch your TV to the HDMI input and change the connections by using your HDMI cable.

Hope this helps.

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