No response when I click ?

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My computer is having a problem for some time now. There is no response when I click, I have to click more than once or I have to click so many times until there is an action. I don’t know if the problem might be caused from my Mouse.

Am thinking may be the computer might have a problem itself. May be its Operating System has developed a problem. Or probably there may be there is a virus infection or the problem is being caused with a program I installed? Any help would be appreciated.         

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No response when I click ?


Hello Mike,

I have read thoroughly the problem. Actually I have faced the same problem before. I bugged me very much and I also thought problem was on my operating system.

But at last it was found that my mouse was not right at that time. So I think like mine your mouse is also gone. Is your mouse the A4tech low priced one? These mice are very likely to create this problem.

Try to use your mouse with other PC where this type of problem is absent. You will find the truth then. It may also be a problem of your operating system or any virus. But virus rarely attacks mouse operation.

Hope this will help. Thanks.

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No response when I click ?


Dear Mike,

Such types of problems usually occur due to the malfunctioning of mouse. However it could be the problem with operating system or it could be due to some virus infected files.

I would suggest you to first of all install an anti-virus in your system and run a whole-computer-scan. When the scan is complete, re-boot your computer and check again.

If the problem persists, you will have to change your mouse. If still you feel the same problem then you have to install a fresh and registered version of Operating System. Sometimes due to non-registered versions of OS such problems can occur.

I hope, this will be helpful to you

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No response when I click ?


Sounds like a serious problem. I encountered same problem as yours.  First thing I did, I unplug the USB device, logged off all programs opened and Restart the computer. Once the computer has started, plug in the device again.

One solution is that, try to use other mouse. There may be some disconnection with your mouse. Also, check the USB ports.

There are cases that the USB ports are working right but the serious problem is with your mouse. Look for such device from the market that is compatible to your computer.

If you’re using the front port, try the back port. If you are using a wireless mouse try to check and replace the battery.

Another solution to that is go to the Control Panel>Mouse. Check Mouse Click Settings if all clicks are executed. 

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No response when I click ?



I have understood the problem you are facing. But without knowing the operating system it is impossible to answer this question.

If you works with windows 7 then try to use the troubleshooting wizard in the operating system. It may work if the problem is settings based.You can check your mouse setting in your computer.

Such problem created by bad virus which can be attack your software installed inyour computer.So please check all settings in your computer.

I hope it will help you.


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