No Internet Connection after Waking Up my iPad 2

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Whenever the iPad has been sleeping for a long time (during the night for example), the next morning when I turn it on, it says it's connected to the WiFi network, and it certainly is because I can see it in the WiFi settings, But whenever I want to use the Internet I can't. I have to shut down WiFi and turn it on again and then it works .My router is working perfectly and the iPad is connected to it with an appropriate Internal IP (

I tried already resetting my router to its factory settings. And tried holding down the Power and Home buttons together for about 10 seconds, ignoring the red power-off slider, until I see the Apple logo, but it doesn't seem to work. I would like some help, this problem persists. If anyone could at least tell me if this is a common occurrence and if Apple is looking into it or not, I'd be happy.


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No Internet Connection after Waking Up my iPad 2


Hello Kenny!

This is a well known problem with iPad2. It’s true that for some cases when the iPad2 is on sleep mode for quite some time and you wake it, it would show that you are connected to a network but you can’t access the internet. You have already done some of the troubleshooting steps which is good. We can clear out resetting your router to the factory settings since it’s been done and your IP address is just fine. You mentioned you tried the method where you hold down the Power and Home button, so on and so forth, but it looks to me like you did not do this correctly.


Here are some solutions that have worked for iPad2 owners like you:

1. Let’s start with the method you tried but this time I’ll walk you through it. First, Turn off your router completely. Now on your iPad2, go to your “Settings” then “General” then proceed to “Reset”, from here choose “Reset Network Settings. ” Restart your iPad2, hold down the “Power” button, the red “Power Off” slider should come up, now slide it off. Once it shuts down completely, hold the “Power” button down, don’t let go until you see the Apple logo. Now, turn your router back on and let it reboot completely. If your iPad 2 doesn’t prompt you to join the network when the router is fully on, go back to your “Settings” and then choose WiFi select Manually Join your Network. See if this solves your problem.

2. Try this one out, when your iPad2 is asleep go to a place nearby that also has a “WiFi” connection. Wake it up in the vicinity and see if you are able to connect to the internet from there, if you can, it would be a router problem unless of course you have the same router brand.

3. If you think it is a router problem, access your router via your computer or laptop. You can open the control panel by entering a specific IP address on your PC like or It would depend on your router’s manufacturer. Since you didn’t mention this you can go ahead and search how to do it on Google or check your router manual. Once inside, there should be a setting or option called “QoS” (Quality of Service), if it is enabled, disable it and save your settings. Go ahead and see if it fixed your problem.

4. There is another option in your router that is responsible for automatically saves power. This Power Saving setting should be set to “Off” or “Disabled”. Try your iPad2 once you are done.

5. Your router’s firmware may need updating as well. Go ahead and check for a newer firmware version of your router and update your router. Restart your router once you have done this.

6. Try to assign a specific IP address or static IP address to your iPad2 and see if it makes a difference, you can do this by entering the DHCP options.

7. Under any circumstance do not restore you iPad2 to factory settings like what the people at Apple would suggest, that will not correct this problem. But if you are desperate and have tried everything that is up to you.

8. You can also borrow or buy another router (not the same brand as yours) and see if it performs better. If your router still has warranty you can opt to have it replaced.

That’s all for now, I hope this has made a difference.

Good Luck.

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No Internet Connection after Waking Up my iPad 2


Hi Kenny,

How are you doing? I understand that the WiFi connection is not working on your iPad 2. It is good that you have already tried resetting the iPad and also your router. So here are some factors that we also need to check:

  • Are other devices at home are still able to connect to your internet?
  • What is the exact (error) message that you are having?
  • Have you already verified this with your internet provide?
  • What is the iOS of your iPad?

Here are some steps that you can do:

1. Try resetting the network settings. On your iPad, tap on Settings > General > Reset Network Settings and then wait for the iPad to boot up again.

2. If step number 1 will not work, try to update the software of the iPad just to check if its just the software or the iPad itself. In order for us to update the software of the iPad, follow the steps below. Make sure that you do have the latest version of iTunes on your computer and internet connection.

a. On your computer, open iTunes > click on HELP (for Windows) / iTunes (for MAC) and click on check for updates then download the updates.

b. Before we update, we need to backup what we have on the iPad because we will lose it after the update. Connect the iPad to the computer. on the left side, you will Devices and under it the name of your iPad. Right Click on the name of your iPad and then click on backup.

c. After the backup and updating the version of iTunes we are now ready for the update. Left click on the name of your iPad and at the right side of iTunes, you will see there Version and under it the Update button.

Wait for the update to finish and then try connecting to your internet and if you are still having the same issue,it is not the software of the iPad but the hardware itself. What you can do is, you can actually call Apple for the replacement of the iPad if you are still under the warranty. Hope this helps you. All the best.

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