Seagate Hard Disk formatting problem

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 Hello there!

My Seagate HD changed the formatting with the new 4 K.

To get migrate to 4K sectors I have used advanced formatting and dash.

It is asking for a option to select mbt or gpt – basic / dynamic.

Please help.

Thank you…

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Seagate Hard Disk formatting problem


Hey there,

 That’s a pretty good question and it is a bit confusing on the part of the user which of these options is suitable for operation. Let me start by explaining what each options means.

MBR (master boot record) is a partitioning system that allows a set number of partitions to be created in both physical and extended partitions. It is limited to the amount of storage it can process, only 2 TB.

While GPT (GUID partition table) is a much more advanced version of an MBR that contains much better features than it, one particular feature would be the ability to create disk size of up to 18 EB (Exabyte). Now which one to use would be dependent on the usage and size of your disk.

If it is less than 2TB then go for the MBR if not chose the GPT. Also if it is a boot disk make sure to use MBR otherwise your PC wont boot unless your motherboard is equipped with the UEFI then you can use GPT. 

Basic disks are simply put, standard disks. You can partition them etc., but files are stored in a contiguous manner unlike dynamic disks which are used primarily for RAID arrays and can store their data uncontiguously.

If you are not planning to use RAID then format the disk into a Basic partition otherwise use Dynamic.

As for file allocation size, select default for maximum compatibility.

Tony Hawk

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Seagate Hard Disk formatting problem


They have not mentioned that operating system, but it will give him the solution to help to format the hard disk when you are using windows sight. It is as next:

  • It will have to open Administration of teams(equipments) as the following ones:
  • Be clicked in the team(equipment) icon.
  • And then be clicked in administering.
  • In case it is necessary to provide a password of manager or of assertion, he(she) will only need to write the password or the assertion of providing as it is necessary.
  • Then it will go to the panel of the left, and of the information storage, you will have that you click in administration of discs.
  • And, next, there is done the unit(unity) that wants to give format and then it will click in format

In case you need to give format with the predetermined configuration, it will have to click in Accepting in the dialogue picture format continued(followed) by other click in Accepting.

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